About us


La Cuina del Vent was born from the desire of a group of professionals who believe in food as a means of expression and as a carrier lore accumulated through history, and a climate of scenery in common: Alt Empordà.

Our cuisine is a reflection of the generosity of our land, a land of contrasts, with a bold and rugged coastline and a long and soft that gives seafood. A flat endless orchards and rebirth seen everywhere, a mountain intensely green and fertile, and the other dry and rough pregnant hunting and wild fruit. All this complexity is what fills richness, variety and contrasts our kitchen.

La Cuina del Vent is a compendium of food that is on the shore of the sea and the shadow of the mountain, which stems from the tradition rooted and growing in the kitchen shades at the forefront of haute cuisine. The group brings together professionals and businesses with high quality and began its journey with the desire to mature in order to share and exchange knowledge, organizing exhibitions, conferences and seminars that will improve the quality of service and help to strengthen the links between people of the trade.

La Cuina del Vent is a food group that has the support of the Association of Hospitality activities of Alt Empordà and the School of Hospitality Alt Empordà and is made ​​up of professionals different branches of the hospitality industry, with the aim of promoting the earth, cooking, culture, tradition and a job well done, to share and export around the roots and the unique character of the Alt Empordà.

Members of La Cuina del Vent are:

José GurilloHotel MontecarloRoses
Toni GotanegraHotel TerrazaRoses
Xavier SagristàHotel Restaurant Mas PauAvinyonet
Jordi CastellóRestaurant l’Ou d’OrFigueres
Salvador i ElenaHotel EmporiumCastelló d’Empúries
Rosina i CarlesRestaurant AntavianaFigueres
Roser BronsomsRestaurant Can JeroniFigueres
Marc i Jordi LladóRestaurant Hotel El Molí­Pont de Molins
Joan CalsinaRestaurant El VaixellLlançà
Esmeralda SolRestaurant La QuadraMaçanet de Cabrenys
Josep Ma LloverasVilabertran
Joan Carles AlvarezRestaurant – Hotel La Fornal dels FerrersTerrades
Jordi Rollan AltarribaLa RectoriaEspinavessa
Lourdes FolgueraL’Oca PintadaNavata
Lluís FernándezEls PescadorsLlançà
Tomàs MarquèsCan PelayoCadaqués